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My Mom's cooking in India, to mine in California, adapted to fit your busy life

Take just a few ingredients and turn them into magical meals in minutes.

Step 1: Add oil and spice seeds to the pan, and let it cook briefly.

Step 2: Add fresh produce and simmer with spice blends.

Step 3: Cook until done and serve.

New to cooking?

Spices packets are an easy way to start cooking. On the cover they have simple recipe and short shopping list, and handcrafted spice blends inside.

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More of a seasoned cook?

If you're looking for more variety, order the Spicebox. They're similar to spice rubs and can be used to cook many difference dishes. Includes a recipe book that can be downloaded on phone or tablet.


Love chai?

If you want to enjoy authentic chai, our chai masala is perfect. Add some local honey and fresh ginger to enhance the flavor.



It is important to note that my cooking experience has been pretty much limited to soup and pasta, but the recipes are really easy to follow and the shopping lists make a BIG difference.

Etsy customer

I’ve been a fan of Waverley Kitchens spice packets for a long time, but my recent experience with cooking using the Spicebox is even better!

Julie Saffren

As a life long Chai drinker, I have finally found an authentic wonderful Chai that I can make at home.

T A Wind