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Our mission is to help everyone to easily cook fresh food

Waverley Kitchens is a family-run business. It was initially inspired by our three kids going to college and not cooking Indian meals. After growing up on a home cooked Indian diet, pasta wasn't going to cut it for the whole week. So Mom and Dad created these beautifully simple spice packets to make their lives easier, but also healthier. Now we use our home cooking with modern kitchen gadgets to create products useful for everyone.

We started our Etsy shop in 2010 and we are so happy that 100% of our customers gave us 5 stars! Now we have launched our own website.


SHOP Starter Spice Packet kit: Channa Masala (garbanzo beans) curry, Gobi (cauliflower) sabji, Raita (yogurt); over 15% discount compared to buying packets separately!


SHOP Spicebox: 4 spice blends and online recipe book

SHOP Chai kit: chai masala spice blend and tea leaves


Rashmi: Spice Guru
I grew up as part of a large family in Lucknow, India and I learned the basics of cooking from my grandmother and mother, who were both excellent cooks. When I first came to the US there were very few Indian restaurants so I cooked often. Now I want to share the joy of good cooking with everyone.

Raj: Innovation Guru
I enjoy cooking too but I always need Rashmi's help! I have always tried to figure out how to make cooking easy. With the spice blends and recipes, for the first time I felt confident that I could cook well.

Devana: Product Guru
I found the spice packets were the perfect solution for me when I studied abroad in London and had to cook for the first time. To my surprise, I was good at cooking Indian food when I followed each step :D. 

Neha: Marketing Guru
In the family, I'm the lazy one that won't cook but will eat it all! Now with the spice packet I cook Indian food all the time now and it tastes delicious!

Varun: Operations and Design Guru
I am the definition of a food lover. The power of food to bring people together has always amazed me. Although I am a Mechanical Engineer you can find me frequently cooking for my family.