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We grew up learning stories about spices from our Moms. Like an artist knows how to put colors together, they knew how to put spices together. Based on this learning and our cooking at home we use the spices below in our spice blends.

We also heard  about the benefits of spices and used them for home remedies. The notes below come from these stories, experiences in our own home and doing research especially from websites listed at the bottom of this page. We hope you enjoy reading this page. It is important that you know these notes are NOT based on scientific research or medical journals! 

  • Asafoetida powder (hiing powder): Extremely strong and pungent so used in very small quantity. Great for stomach and it’s ailments.
  • Bay leaf (tej patta): aromatic and earthy flavors. Helps headaches, fights bacterial and fungal infections.
  • Black cardamom (bari elaichi): powerful smoky flavors. Good for digestion.
  • Black mustard seeds (raii): smoky and nutty flavor released after getting cooked in hot oil. Anti-inflamatory and digestive.
  • Black pepper (kaali mirch): aromatic with slightly musty flavor. Analgesic and anti-oxidant.
  • Black salt (kala namak): slightly pungent and sulfuric smell. Good for digestion.
  • Carom seed (ajwaian): bitter and pungent smell. Good for digestion, flatulence, diarrhea and colic pain.
  • Cinnamon bark (daal chiini chaal): sweet and strong smell. Treats nausea, diarrhea, and clears throat.
  • Cinnamon powder (daalchini powder): sweet and warm flavor. Used to stabilize blood sugar and anti-oxidants rich.
  • Coriander powder (dhania powder): has aromatic, nutty and citrus notes. Anti-inflammatory, diuretic, anti-inflammatory.
  • Cumin seed (jeera): intense, smoky, warm earthy aroma. Good for digestion and diuretic.
  • Fennel seed (saunf): sweet and aromatic flavor. Helps with digestion. Dried or roasted seeds are chewed after meal!
  • Fenugreek leaves (kasturi methi): earthy and musky flavor. Helps with digestion.
  • Garlic powder (lahsun powder): strong, pungent, heated taste. Has anti-microbial properties.
  • Ginger powder (sonth powder): strong pungent flavor. Good for cold and cough. Can also be added to tea or mixed with honey.
  • Green cardamom (hari elaichi): sweet and aromatic flavor. Reduces digestive disorders and bad breath.
  • Ground cumin seed (jeera powder): earthy and musty flavor. Good for stomach.
  • Nutmeg (jaiphal): aromatic and sweet. Beneficial for bad breath.
  • Peppercorns (whole kaali mirch): spicy, hot flavor. Useful as anti-bacterial and anti-microbial.
  • Raw mango powder (aamchoor powder): sour and tangy flavor. Helps digestion.
  • Red pepper powder (lal mirch powder): makes very spicy hot flavor and adds red color. Reduces inflammation and prevents disease.
  • Roasted cumin (bhuna jeera): Robust, earthy flavor. Helps with digestion.
  • Tulsi powder (holy basil powder): aromatic leaves. Good during cold, cough, stomach disorders.
  • Turmeric (haldi): pungent and earthy flavor. Anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, good for skin and has cancer fighting curcumin.
  • Whole cloves (laung): strong medicinal flavor comes from concentration of essential oils. Topical anesthetic and helps with tooth ache

We are thankful for the really good information at the following websites: